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Escape busy city life for anything from few hours to an entire day thanks to Yunomori’s all-encompassing facilities.

Yunomori Cafe offers healthy homemade Japanese-style food and snacks for customers to enjoy during their relaxing retreat.

Nutritious beverages, refreshing and traditional Japanese desserts, and light savoury bites are all freshly made on our premises so that there is no need for you to interrupt your stay to search for sustenance.


Yunomori Onsen & Spa

For thousands of years, Onsen bathing has been an essential part of Japanese life. The ritual soaking in hot spring waters is considered vital for the relaxation and recuperation of the mind, body, and kokoro; the spirit, or heart.

Onsen bathing is deeply embedded within the historical, philosophical, and social layers of Japanese culture, and it demands strict rule of etiquette be followed. Onsen bathing is a therapeutic endeavor; it is not intended for washing. Individuals thus enter the baths naked and already clean. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere is also very important so that all bathers can enjoy the physical and psychological relief of the Onsen to its full extent.

In these busy modern times, little has changed. Onsen bathing is today regarded as an essential respite from the hectic nature of working life.


Onsen & Spa Benefits

A powerful combination, Onsen and Thai Spa therapies are extremely effective individual treatments for numerous complaints and conditions, and are known to relieve stress and anxiety, soothe joint and muscular pain, improve circulation, aid detoxification, and nourish the skin. When combined together, therefore, they create a potent therapeutic experience that cannot be found elsewhere other than at Yunomori.



1 Stadium Place
Kallang Wave Mall
Singapore 397628


Operating Hours

Daily :
10.00am - 11.00pm






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