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Air Bag

Attempt our challenging high performance mats worry-free! Our ZOOMers can now land safely on our professional stunt air bag while attempting a balancing act on these attractions! This is a great place to start learning your flips and somersaults whilst landing safely on a cushion air bag! Fall gracefully and safely!


Love ordinary dodgeball? Reimagine this classic game on our trampoline court! Enclosed in a wall-to-wall trampoline court, experience XTREME DODGE BALL in this adrenaline pumping game with your friends! Not to worry, kids are not left out! We have created a smaller court for ZOOM Kids to enjoy this fast paced game of speed and strategy. SO bring out your competitive spirit, gather your friends and come on out to pit your dodging skills against each other!

Foam Pit

Zoom your way into our massive foam pit – the Zoom pit. Experience the thrill of being airborne in our park safely. The ZOOM PIT is filled with foams to absorb the impact of your fall when you land. Want to test your stunt skills? You can even somersault into the foam pit worry-free! Wherever you land, ZOOM FOAM GOTCHA!

High Performance

This activity involves jumping on the High Performance Mats which generate more bounce power. Designed for Olympian gymnastic participants, these High Performance Mats are now available to our ZOOMers! Challenge yourself to jump off the mat and “walk” vertically onto the ZOOM wall! Show off your acrobatics skill like never before, and leap like an Olympian!

Main Court

The Main court is the largest area in the park covered with wall-to-wall trampolines. Always been itching to show off your jumping skills? Well, your chance is finally here! Go ahead and bounce off the walls in our matrix of trampolines and take a leap like never before. Practice your parkour, gymnastics, stunt and even cheerleading skills here!

Rock Wall

Have you always wanted to try rock climbing but are afraid of heights? Try the Rock Wall at ZOOM. We have a lateral rock wall where you can climb sideways instead! Conquer the wall like a human monkey and test your endurance skills without falling. Our foam pit will catch you safely should you need a break from the Rock Wall. Even the fall will be fun!

Slam Dunk

Ever dreamed of being a NBA player in action? Dream no more for you can slam dunk in a flying leap at ZOOM! Zoom yourself up to the hoops with the help of our angled trampoline walls and dunk like an expert. Immerse yourself in this activity that tests your hand-eye coordination.

Tumble Tracks

ZOOM Tumble Tracks feature a long track made of trampolines designed solely for flipping. Get creative and flip from one end to the other. Our punching bags on these tracks add a whole new dimension to the experience! Fancy trying out some Kung Fu moves? Practice your punches and kicks on our punching bags. Flip, and land a hit on those bags just like an action movie star. Impress your friends!


Zoom Park Singapore

Zoom Park is an indoor trampoline park that brings American trampoline sports to Asia. Our park in Singapore includes 2 dodgeball courts, a 4-lane foam pit, a 5-lane airbag, 3 basketball slam dunk lanes, 3 long tumble tracks and a spacious main court. For those looking for more adventure and challenge, we offer a fidget ladder, a slackline, a 17-metre lateral rock wall and high performance mats as well.

Catering to all age groups, Zoom Park can host games, birthday parties, school and corporate events in our 3 large party rooms. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment where participants don’t realize that while they are having fun, they are also exercising and burning calories. It has been shown that jumping on trampolines can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour!

We provide a family-friendly environment where parents and other observers are welcome to take advantage of our café with its food and drinks to stay refreshed while staying connected on our free wi-fi system.

For our teenagers and young adults, we host Zoom Nights every Friday and Saturday where the laser lights and disco balls come out, the music revs up and the glow in the dark socks come out for a party to remember, all in an alcohol and smoke-free environment!

So what are you waiting for? Come on out and join us for a fun-filled day. Who knew exercising could be so much fun!


Address :

200 Pandan Gardens
Singapore 609336


Operating Hours : 

Park Operating Hours 
3pm - 7pm

Tuesday to Thursday:
10am - 9pm

Friday and Eve of PH:
10am - 10pm

9am - 10pm

Sunday and PH:
9am - 9pm

Zoom Kids:

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
10am - 12pm

Zoom Night:

Fridays and Saturdays
7pm - 10pm


How to get There :

By Public Transport

From Jurong East MRT station, take Bus 51, 78 or 143 and drop off at Opp Blk 2 along Jurong Town Hall Road. Head south on Jurong Town Hall Road towards Pandan Gardens.

By Car 

Drivers can easily get off at AYE Exit 13 and turn towards Jurong Town Hall Road, before turning left into Pandan Gardens.





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